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The UCL-HeadsUp4HTs EHCO provides 12 months of intentional well-being support to you as a new Headteacher. The programme consists of 1-1 Coaching and Group Peer Support as well as opportunities to assess your own wellbeing as a purposeful leader and sustain the support for your groups beyond the duration of the programme and for years to come.

HeadsUp4HTs have a reputation for supporting the emotional well-being of thousands of Headteachers and all of our coaches are either serving of former Headteachers who ‘get it.’

100% of the Headteachers who have experienced our peer support programmes would recommend them to another Headteacher.

The UCL - HeadsUp4HTs Early Headship Coaching Offer (EHCO) provides a sustainable wellbeing support for headteachers during their first five years in Headship, prioritising their wellbeing, connection with their purpose as a leader in education and the development of intentional, sustainable peer support networks beyond the NPQH and EHCO.

When will it start and how much will it cost?

The EHCO programme rolls throughout the year and you will be contacted to choose a time that suits you to begin.

Full scholarship funding for the EHCO, meaning no cost to the participant, is available for those who meet the following criteria:
  • Work in a state-funded school or state funded organisation including those that offer 16-19 places in England upon starting the training.
  • Are in their first five years of headship.
  • You have either completed an NPQH before taking up your first headship post or are currently taking one.
  • Have not withdrawn from the additional support programme previously.

If you are not eligible and would still like to participate in the programme, the cost of the UCL EHCO is £800.

To sign up, you will need your Teacher Reference Number (TRN), National Insurance Number (NI) and your school’s Unique Reference Number (URN).

You will need to choose UCL Institute of Education as your EHCO Provider.

You can choose our EHCO even if you have completed your NPQH with another provider.

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