HeadsUp4HTs provide empowering bespoke Peer Support Programmes for Local Authorities who are looking to support and champion the wellbeing of the Headteachers in their authority, enabling the Headteachers to lead with confidence, authenticity and renewed purpose.

The context in which headteachers are leading their schools and communities is such that there are high levels of demand, challenge and accountability.  Headteachers manage this context successfully, but they can often feel unsupported, isolated and disempowered.

Headteachers themselves will often not recognise the toll the demand is taking on their physical and mental well-being.  In such cases, school communities and the broader system are impacted by a leader who is not able to operate at their best, or in the worse scenarios, leave the role lost to the system forever. From the point of view of the Local Authority, offering individual coaching, proven to be effective in supporting Headteachers, to all HTs is expensive and unsustainable.

HeadsUp4HTs provide a cost effective solution to Local Authorities who are passionate about sustainably supporting their Headteachers and keeping them thriving in the system.

Our bespoke 6 week programme is based on our effective model which has supported the emotional wellbeing of hundreds of school leaders enabling them to connect, peer support and re-align themselves with their purpose as Headteachers, empowering them to be the leader that they set out to be.


“Your session last week made me look at work differently; as a result I have started a record of the positive impacts and as a consequence, i just feel calmer about everything”


Our HeadsUp4HTs Peer Support Programmes are facilitated by current or former Headteachers who are qualified coaches with experience of facilitating high quality safe spaces and support programmes.

The unique sessions provide a safe, confidential and non-judgmental space, where Headteachers can share their challenges and successes with their peers, seek support from colleagues and reflect positively on their impact as school leaders. The support sessions have a high level of trust and support, addressing the oft quoted ‘isolation’ that Headteachers experience in their role. Consequently, our Headteachers feel well supported, report higher levels of personal wellbeing and feel better equipped to lead confidently in their schools and communities.

At the end of the 6 week programme we provide facilitator training to participant Headteachers enabling them to continue their sessions without further support from HeadsUp4HTs.

Therefore our model is cost-effective, scalable and sustainable.


“The support provided to Oxfordshire headteachers by HeadsUp has been excellent. From the initial webinar, which was thought provoking and inspiring, to the weekly peer support sessions the feedback from heads has been glowing.

This is because the HeadsUp team start from the position that that headship is hard (particularly so during the pandemic), but then encourage heads to identify the positives in the invaluable work they do. The weekly sessions have given heads the space, structure and support they need to pause and reflect. They say that, as a direct result, they are increasingly able to lead with perspective and to address the challenges with confidence and clarity.”


To have an informal chat about what HeadsUp4HTs can offer your Local Authority, please get in touch.