HeadsUp4HTs campaign so that all Headteachers can receive the support they need to thrive in their Headship.

We campaign so that Headteachers are sustainably supported from the time they step into their Headship so that they, and their schools, can flourish.




The UCL - HeadsUp4HTs Early Headship Coaching Offer (EHCO) provides a sustainable wellbeing support for headteachers during their first five years in Headship.

It prioritises their wellbeing, connection with their purpose as a leader in education and the development of intentional, sustainable peer support networks beyond the NPQH and EHCO.



All Headteachers are given the support to be the leaders they set out to be.


  • To celebrate the skills, experiences and vulnerabilities of school leaders
  • To provide ‘crisis’ coaching support to those HTs being treated unethically
  • To provide guidance and advice to HTs who are unsure of their future career options
  • To highlight the issue of ‘disappeared’ HTs
  • To challenge the systems and organisations that are driving the unethical treatment of HTs
  • To campaign for system wide mentoring and coaching support for HTs free at point of access


  • School leadership is the most challenging and most rewarding job in education.
  • Headteachers do not get the recognition, positive feedback or support that they deserve
  • Education has become overly focussed on deficit and negativity when there are so many inspirational moments happening everyday, in every school in the country and we are missing them!
  • The application of accountability systems and school performance tables have led to large numbers of Headteachers being ‘scapegoated’ out of education - cliff edge accountability and ‘football manager’ syndrome
  • The time is right to challenge and reframe the perception and treatment of HTs
  • It is time to celebrate and promote values-led leadership and the emotional intelligences of school leadership
  • If we are to see real cultural shift and progress in the way we educate our young people then HTs should be free to deliver their vision and their strategy for their community


  • Leadership inspiration, advice and training that focus on the emotional intelligences of HTs and the tools to put this into practice within your organisations
  • The opportunity to share our authentic stories in a safe space, anonymously or otherwise, so that we and the system can learn from them
  • The time and space to think about a future model of education through regular themed events
  • A supportive network of like-minded, values-led leaders who can share their successes and vulnerabilities without judgement or accountability through access to weekly HeadsUp supportive coffee and drinks sessions
  • Someone to talk to at times of crisis - free coaching and advice


In this 5-minute video Kirstie, a Headteacher in Warwickshire, summarises the impact of a 6-week programme with HeadsUp4HTs, and how she and her colleagues have sustained the peer support in their LA.


We are proud to have collaborated with NGA on this new guidance.

This guide for chairs outlines ways in which Governing Bodies can invest in, support, and positively influence Headteacher’s CPD. Purposeful conversations between Chairs and Headteachers are a crucial component of this work – this guide introduces CPD themes to help guide and structure your discussions.