Our HeadsUp4HTs Advisory Group are a diverse team of serving and former Headteachers, coaches and educationalists who are dedicated to supporting our work, championing our services and offering us alternative views in order that we can best serve our growing community. Read more about them and why they advocate our HeadsUp4HTs Network.

James Pope

HeadsUp4HTs Founder

James Pope portrait

I love the HeadsUp4HTs network because it is a values led peer community that recognises and amplifies the positive and inspirational work that school leaders are doing every single day.


HeadsUp4HTs Network Project Leader and Peer Support Facilitator

Kate Smith portrait

I believe in the power of human connection and the potential of authentic, safe spaces in supporting the wellbeing of Headteachers and school leaders. Creating a space for sustainable, compassionate support, and lifting others through sharing our own narratives and vulnerabilities is what makes HeadsUp4HTs such an incredible community.

Alison Kriel

HeadsUp4HTs Advisory Group Member

Alison Kriel portrait

I belong to HeadsUp because it’s a safe place to meet with like minded values led leaders – a space to share, listen, support, and feel heard.

Adrian McLean

HeadsUp4HTs Advisory Group Member

Adrian McLean portrait

I support HeadsUp4HTs because it can be a lonely place as a Head. This group provides a space to support the wellbeing of leaders who at times, carry a heavy weight. The ability to share that safely and authentically with people who understand your angst is paramount.

Patrick Ottley-O'Connor

HeadsUp4HTs Advisory Group Member

Patrick Ottley-O'Connor portrait

I support HeadsUp4HTs because I believe in the power of kindness & coaching in encouraging, engaging & empowering others to see, own, solve & actually do something to improve their own situation.

Chris Rogers

HeadsUp4HTs Advisory Group Member and Peer Support Facilitator

Chris Rogers portrait

I belong to HeadsUp4HTs because it is a wonderful supportive network of like minded values-led leaders. It provides a network for support and inspiration for positive improvement in education.

Matt Whitely

HeadsUp4HTs Advisory Group Member

Matt Whitely portrait

I’m so happy to support the Headsup4HTs network because sometimes the only people who understand being a Head are other Heads. So to be able to be in a group that support each other heads as people is vital.

Zena Zenonos-Walker

HeadsUp4HTs Advisory Group Member

Zena Zenonos Walker portrait

As part of HeadsUp4HTs I am able to support Heads, and those like me, who are aspiring to Headship. The mission to support leaders to be the leaders they aspire to be, resonates with me. Collaborating with Headteachers across the country makes this a powerful network not just for now, but for the future of education.

Jenny Bowers

HeadsUp4HTs Advisory Group Member and Supervisor

Jenny Bowers portrait

HeadsUp4HTs has created an excellent space where leaders can talk about everything safely; their hopes, their fears, what is going great and what it is they are really struggling with. It enables and empowers whilst being incredibly inclusive, supportive and values driven.

Julia Hancock

HeadsUp4HTs Advisory Group Member

Julia Hancock portrait

I believe in empowering positive climates for learning, whether that is individual, group or community. HeadsUp4Hts is more than a space for sharing, it offers hope, kindness, inspiration and safety wherever the learning story takes our members, and impacts positively on the lives they touch. I’m committed to creating the conditions for people to thrive, to inspire their stories with love, compassion and joy, and it is a joy and privilege to work with our community. HeadsUp4HTs offers authentic human connection and genuine kindness.

Kirstie Willis

HeadsUp4HTs Advisory Group Member and LA Facilitator

Kirstie Willis portrait

I support HeadsUp4HTs because it provides a safe and kind space for aspiring, current and former school leaders who invest so much of themselves in their role. HeadsUp4HTs offers time to reflect, re-energise and truly understand the impact of the role with others who understand in an authentic, no shame-no blame environment, enabling all who fully engage to be empowered and uplifted, ready to undertake whatever the next challenge may bring.