In these sessions we will provide provocation and challenge around a key aspect of our Education System.

Based on Big Change’s 10 #Hopes4Ed – the aim is to stimulate thinking and have a debate. From this we will capture our thoughts and produce ‘think pieces’ for publication.

12 JAN

HeadsUp4HTs #Hopes4Ed 2

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All ability body & mind weekend for school leaders.

The intensity of school leadership impacts on our physical and mental health – FACT!
For the majority of the time, Headteachers and school leaders are optimistic and resilient to the challenges they face in their roles. In order to remain resilient in challenging situations, it’s vital to have strong mental and physical health. Yet, working in high pressure environments puts many school leaders under stress. For many of us, we are fortunate to have a good support network around us to lift us, plus some self regulation strategies to bring us out of a crisis zone and into a place where we can cope. But, enduring stress over a longer period can have a significant health impact.

Many of our members report not having enough time to eat lunch at work, not having time to exercise or keep fit due to work load, and often, the self regulation strategies and activities we enjoy, such as mindfulness or running and yoga, get pushed to the bottom of the list because we don’t have the time, or the energy, to do something intentional for ourselves.

BootCampEd aims to help us relearn how to put our mind and our body first, despite the challenges and demands of school leadership. This is a unique weekend experience open to all our HeadsUp4HTs headteachers and school leaders who have a desire to focus on their own wellbeing and recognise the importance of sustaining a healthy body and mind so we can lead to the best of our abilities. In order to support your team and community, and be there for everyone around you, you need to start with yourself.

BootCampEd is a personal, educational and fitness adventure for all fitness abilities. We’re aiming to improve self confidence, tenacious leadership and individual awareness, both physically and mentally, through a weekend of activities, discussions and great company in the great outdoors!

This is an opportunity to spend a weekend focusing on yourself; to reconnect with your purpose as a school leader. Over the weekend, as a group, we will participate in activities to develop our;

Physical Health:
  • Group PT sessions
  • Team building
  • Hiking and walking
  • Crossfit
  • Nutrition support & advice for busy leaders
  • Healthy & nutritional eating
Mental Health:
  • Peer coaching
  • #Hopes4Ed - aspirational thinking & discussion around educational themes
  • Leadership & personal awareness
  • Explore your core purpose - your Ikigai
  • Strategies to cope with challenges
  • Connection & wellbeing focus

Accommodation is included, as are all meals, aside from Saturday evening, where we will head to the local pub! Friday to Sunday lunchtime will comprise of indoor and outdoor activities and down time to relax, discuss, explore and connect. All the while, developing an increased sense of self awareness and strength, physically and mentally, as a leader. You don’t need to be super fit to enjoy this weekend! We cater for ALL fitness levels and all expereinces of school leadership, so that everyone is included, and able to challenge themselves and have fun!

This is a great opportunity for school leaders of all abilities who want to;
  • support themselves, or a member of their team, with their wellbeing
  • kickstart a fitness drive
  • learn how to fuel a busy day with nutritional food
  • feel invoriated and re energised in the great outdoors
  • develop strategies to cope with challenges
  • develop ideas of how to incorporate exercise at work
  • reconnect with your core purpose as a leader
  • connect with other incredible headteachers and school leaders

Following the weekend you’ll be empowered to make intentional choices to support your own wellbeing, maintain a healthier and more balanced lifestyle within your role and feel connected to a supportive network of school leaders.

For early notification of the ticket release please register below. Spaces are limited and tickets will sell fast!

We are offering an Early Bird Discount to any bookings before 25th December 2021 – £325

Full price tickets are £399

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Celebrating headship

Listen to Alison Kriel, James Pope, Audrey Pantelis, Chris Rogers, Kelly Forrest Mackey & Kate Smith discuss the work of HeadsUp4HTs, celebrate the role of Headship and how the community has lifted each other up over the last year.


Reconnecting with your Purpose

Join Mark Pritchard, Sharifah Lee, James Pope & Naomi Ward who discuss how HeadsUp4HTs has helped to focus Headteachers on their core purpose using the Ikigai philosophy and values based leadership.


Our #Hopes4Ed

Pupils Power’s Lottie Cooke, joins Adrian McLean, James Pope, Kate Smith and Sam Twiselton who all share their hopes for the future of education and to celebrate the 10 events held throughout the pandemic to give Headteachers a voice on issues that matter to them.


Headteacher Wellbeing

Patrick Ottley – O’Connor, James Pope, Kate Smith, Julia Hancock and Zena Zenonos Walker chat about all things Headteacher wellbeing, from strategies to experiences, to encourage school leaders to prioritise their wellbeing.



We aim to have 3 HeadsUp regional conferences this year*. 

The aim is to bring the HeadsUp community together to:
  • celebrate the role of Headship 
  • discuss the big issues and specifically shine a spotlight on the issue of Headteachers ‘scapegoated’ by the system 
  • provide individual support

With Keynote speakers, expert inputs and listening representatives from the big system organisations this is  a chance for us to make our voices heard.

*and if we can’t meet physically we will meet on-line!